'He would say I will be the next Badshah of Bollywood,' Pavitra Rishta actress Mrinalini Tyagi remembers the late actor

The destruction of Sushant Singh Rajput was a gigantic daze for everyone. The artist allegedly balanced himself from the ceiling and finished everything in his Mumbai condo. Each and every individual who knew him and even those who did not know him deeply felt and regretted his misfortune. Sushant had started his excursion with television and then went to the cinema. While discussing his fantasies and wishes, Sushant constantly spoke about Shah Rukh Khan, who was his greatest motivation. At different honor shows and occasions, the artist also posed as SRK's acclaimed pose.

In a meeting with Times of India, Pavitra artist Rishta Mrinalini Tyagi spoke about Sushant's fantasies, his longings, and his object of worship. "He had such big dreams. He was an extremely dedicated boy. He always said we have an SRK and now everyone will have another SSR in the business. He loved him in all seriousness. He loved him and was a great admirer. He would call himself SSR and I would do Shah Rukh Khan's stance. He would say I will be the next Bollywood Badshah. He needed to make his own Mannat. He was a boy with big dreams in his eyes, so it is extremely surprising that he can take his life. He duplicated Shah Rukh Khan in every way, without acting in any other way, needed to walk in his footsteps.

She opened up more about nepotism jokes, addressing everyone in Bollywood who claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput was discouraged. "He was resolved to such an extent that he could have accomplished everything he could have hoped for if he had been alive. I wish Bollywood would have given him a little push like the different onscreen characters, a little bit and I am exceptionally sure he would." has been the next genius. He would have re-told the story by becoming the next SRK. In the event that Bollywood declares today that he was sad and crazy at the time, how about we ask them how they could be so sure? "I think everyone realizes that nepotism exists and with these announcements and this episode has become evident. Sushant has recognized with certainty about nepotism during an honorary path of a work of honor. He said that nepotism exists in all fields and as indicated by nepotism can exist calmly and skillfully as long as the skillful untouchables are allowed to flourish. He had also said that if that did not happen, at that time the Bollywood structure would fall. He had said this and I think that if he had received the elevator he needed, it could have been the next SSR, "he said at the entrance.

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