Sushant Singh Rajput's sister writes him an open letter; says: "Your bright eyes showed the world how to dream"

The late Bollywood artist, Sushant Singh Rajput's sister, Shweta Singh Kirti, posted an open letter to Facebook on Wednesday night, saying "I'm sorry" for all the agony he needed to understand.

"Mere girl, Mere Babu, Mere Bachcha is no longer genuinely present with us and okay ... I realize you were in a lot of torment and I realize you were a warrior and you were fighting boldly. Sorry, Mera Sona ... sorry for all the agony you needed to go through ... if I could, I would have taken all the torment and given you all my satisfaction, "reads the letter.

Communicating his affection for his little brother, Shweta stated: "Your bright eyes showed the world how to dream, your sincere smile discovered the true virtue of your heart. You will always be adored by my baby, therefore much more ... Wherever you are mere infant stay happy ... stay satisfied and realize that everyone appreciates you, adores you and will always genuinely adore you. "

"All of my loved ones ... I realize this is a difficult time ... in any case, at any point that there is a choice ... choose love over contempt, choose grace and sympathy over outrage and contempt, choose magnanimity over yourself focus and forgive ... forgive yourself, excuse others and forgive everyone.Each one is fighting their own battles ... be understanding of yourself yourself and be human with others and with everyone. Never let your heart close at any cost! !!! #Sushantsinghrajput ".

Shweta also shared a handwritten note by Sushant, which reads carefully: "She who says she can and she who says she can't both are right! You are the main 'she'. I love you. Bhai Sushant."

Sushant Singh Rajput was discovered hanging from his Mumbai home on Sunday. His American sister Shweta Singh Kirti appeared in India not long after his end.

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